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Bloody bath mat

Bloody bath mat

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Dominic T.  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
"I pranked my fiancé with this bathmat and it worked out perfectly! The bloody aspect works perfectly. Would definitely recommend!"


Step out of the shower and straight into a horror scene! Dive deep into the thrills of our unique bath mat, carefully crafted for those with a quirky sense of humor and a love for heart-pounding experiences.


Our innovative design triggers the illusion of bleeding with just a touch of liquid, setting the stage for those jaw-dropping reactions. Imagine the startled faces when loved ones believe they've stepped into a crime scene !


Gone are the days of tedious mat cleanups. Ours is built for quick air-drying, but if you're in a rush, just give it a whirl with a hairdryer. And when the joke's done? No stain, no mess. Simply let it dry and get set for the next unsuspecting victim.

Product Insight: Size: 40*70cm. Perfectly sized to create the maximum shocking impact while ensuring usability.

    This thin plastic roll that reacts with water, color changing effect turns the wet footprints into blood-red stains.
    Will turn red when it meets water, and it will change back to its original state when the water is dry.
    Can be hidden anywhere in the bathroom, such as a toilet seat or shower, for a better surprise!
    With surreal blood effect to create terrifying scenes instantly!

What our customers have said...

It is great, just the effect I was looking for.
Al R.
I really had my doubts about this product after ordering other cheap Halloween themed products over the years. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised! The product worked BETTER than I expected. I used it as a shower liner. It's true that one side looks slightly pink, which I assumed was the color changing side. However I was wrong. The color changing side is truly white. Once I hung it up correctly, I took my first shower with the product. It was so much fun. I couldn't believe that the product actually changed as soon as the water hit it, and it was as advertised BLOOD RED! The next morning I was surprised that the product turned completely white once it was dry, and the product worked again. Just as advertised! And the product didn't run, so no red or pink stains.
James Paszkiewicz
Loved this product! Works beautifully. But, just so that the potential buyers know, this is not a thick bath mat to use daily after showering, but more of a novelty bath sheet (think a thick piece of paper) to add some fun and prank your houseguests!
Just got it yesterday. Hung it up and the kids loved it. Really cool effect. Color change is instant when it gets wet. You can even make splatter patterns. Happy with purchase.
My kids just love this thing!!


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