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Car Window Cleaner

Car Window Cleaner

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Keeping your car neat and tidy is a part of life.

However, this task can be a real drag, especially cleaning the windshield and dashboard. Many folks find they have to strain and stress themselves when cleaning these areas.

Our amazing Windshield Easy Cleaner eliminates the hassle! No more stretching! No more overreaching! No more straining!

This handy tool gets all the hard-to-reach places. And get this...our tool can be used in your home, too!

Wipe down screens, mirrors, and even tables! Once you're done, simply toss the cloth into the washing machine. It's that easy!

The Windshield Easy Cleaner comes with an extra cleaning cloth and a spray bottle. This is an easy-to-use windshield cleaning device that combines a long, ergonomic handle with a microfiber bonnet.

     Simply spray cleaner or tap water using a spray bottle onto the microfiber bonnet and clean your windshield with ease! Use it in your car, hard to reach windows in your house, television screens, mirrors, and even floors!



“This tool makes wiping down my windshield and dash a whole lot easier. I am totally smitten by this tool.”
~ Rory K.,  Alkodo customer


 Cleans interior windshield without straining.
 Uses only tap water! No toxic chemicals!
 Wipes away fog and steam from windows.
 Microfiber pad is 100% machine washable.


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